Social Media Marketing VS Traditional Marketing in India

Social media marketing vs traditional marketing in India

After social media came into existence, the entire marketing strategy adopted by companies has entirely changed.

Before the advent of social media, the entire marketing was dependent on traditional media, which used to depend on broadcast, print, radio and signage Medias to transmit a message to their potential customers, which was mostly a one-way communication system.

The methods adopted for marketing in traditional and social media is entirely different and needs to be understood separately. The funnel created through social media is completely opposite to traditional marketing.

Social media finds customers through electronic word of mouth and through recommendations from existing customers whereas traditional media does not focus on a particular segment.

When it comes to the cost, factor social media marketing is practically free and if at all cost is incurred for advertising it is minimal. Traditional marketing is life disrupting with advertisements on radio, TV and magazines and the cost paid to these channels are exorbitant.

Social media allows the business to have a two-way communication with their target audience who can comment and share with others to which the business can respond to it directly.

In traditional marketing, customers cannot respond to the advertisements or give feedback. Customers find most of these advertisements irrelevant, insincere, and tricky to understand.

Social media marketing allows real-time interaction with customers where when a customer posts a query companies can respond to it within minute’s thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

This fast response through social media makes the customer feel valuable and important. Whereas through traditional marketing that is mass-marketing customers has to wait weeks or months to get a response when they put up queries.

Social media marketing has made it possible for businesses to implement strategies, which is customer centric whereas traditional marketing is brand-centric.

In social media, marketing companies can prepare contents, which are flexible and change it as and when required or create contents relevant for a particular demographic area.

Whereas in traditional marketing contents cannot be changed or modified because it is prepared after paying a huge cost to professionals and the media slots are booked far in advance so brands cannot take advantage of the changing market scenario.

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