Social media marketing vs SEO marketing in India

Social media marketing vs SEO marketing in India

Social media marketing can be termed as a form of internet marketing using social media platforms as the primary tool.

The main aim of social media marketing is to produce unique contents, which the users share among their networks so that the brand exposure of the company and the customer reach increases.

SEO marketing can be termed as the strategy used to increase the visibility if a website in search engine result pages by incorporating search engine friendly elements into the website.

Social media marketing and search engine marketing is all about creating awareness and visibility in search engines. When people search for something, they find your business if it comes up high on search result page or if your company is recommended or mentioned by a third party or if they know about your company and looks for it.

In today’s connected world where consumers search for anything and everything in the web different digital channels plays an important role and influences their buying decisions.

Initially, the traditional answer for brands to drive traffic to their website and increase sales was SEO marketing, which is considered as the art and science of getting your website rankings high in search results.

After social media had gained importance, it opened up new channels to engage in two-way communication with customers in real time. This interaction through social media marketing if done correctly can drive immense traffic to your website and change the perception of a customer about a brand.

To succeed both social media marketing and SEO marketing plays key roles in digital marketing and strategies like SEO, Social media, content development and PPC should be used together to meet the goals.

Before SEO, marketing was done to build links using keywords to get rankings and after social media gained importance, it has become important to interact with customers and respond to their queries.

Now contents that is engaging, websites with great designs and fast loading pages have become the in thing in digital marketing. Some of the Key Points in Social media marketing versus SEO marketing in India are that digital marketing should include both SMM and SEO marketing because it is no longer links and keywords but robust web designs and contents.

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