Social media marketing in India

Social media marketing in India

Social Media Marketing is the strategy used to increase traffic and attention to a website using different social media platforms. It frequently centers on creating and posting contents, which attracts the users and prompts them to share it across their networks thereby generating new business. Social media marketing is implemented along with other marketing strategies to influence the buying behaviors of the target audiences.

Social media marketing in India is a recent phase and has now become an inevitable part of the marketing strategy irrespective of the kind of business a firm is involved. Today most of the business houses in India are competing with each other and implementing new social media strategies, which can contribute to the growth of the company and increase their revenue.

Businesses in India have now realized that in order to be successful in social media platforms they should have a deep understanding of their target audience. In order to change the buying behavior of a customer, they have to create high-quality contents through which they have to attract, engage and convert prospects by building social relationships.

According to study, Indian businesses are using social media in their marketing campaigns much more than other countries to build brand awareness, community building, and customer engagement. When it comes to social media, marketing Businesses in India are taking a safe path by concentrating only in Facebook and Twitter. They are still skeptical about trying out new networks to widen their reach.

Integrating other networks in marketing campaigns is the future of social media marketing in India.

Some of the popular strategies adopted by Indian businesses are to post generic updates on a consistent frequency instead of brand updates. Post multiple updates in a day and respond to queries within an hour. Organizing picture contests on a monthly basis is the most popular strategy being adopted by companies in India.

Businesses in India are very optimistic about the role of social media platforms, and they have realized that social media will play an important part to generate new customers, community, fans, and prospects and engage with them on a continuous basis in the future.

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