Remove Ripoff Report Page from Google

Remove Ripoff Report Page from Google

Businesses and professionals have now realized that if their name is not visible on the first page of search results the users will never get to know about them or their company, which in turn affects their online reputation. This is because 99% of the users when they search for something do not go beyond the first page of search results.

Unfortunately, for these companies and individuals, sites like Ripoff can cause major embarrassment and damage to companies and individuals with their posts, which have a tendency to creep into the first pages and gain maximum visibility in search engines. These sites advantageously optimize their reports so that they get maximum traffic to their sites, which increase their revenue and cause embarrassment to companies so that they can charge hefty fees to reduce the impact of their ripoff report page. Only professional online reputation management companies specialized in it can do removing Ripoff Report pages from Google search results. Some of the strategies they use are as follows.

• Create a website enriched with Keywords and unique contents and populate the site by using search engine optimization techniques so that the ripoff reports are suppressed to back pages.

• Help to create a blog and post contents so that you can directly communicate with the users and tell them your side of the story.

• Since social media, platforms like Facebook, Google+ Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn are powerfully weighed in Google’s algorithm these companies will help you create and populate social media profiles, which will rank high in search results and suppress the Ripoff reports.

• They will help you to link all your social media profiles, blogs, etc. to your website so that visitor can reach your site after reading the contents.

• Make use of third party sites by building links and linking it to your pages.

• Help you update your profiles and contents on a regular basis so that visitors get to see you new contents that attract them to your site.

• They will help you to implement a strategy by building authority to these pages that in turn will outrank the Ripoff report pages and suppress it to back pages.

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