How to Grow a Loyal Fan Base in Facebook

Facebook is used by hundreds of millions of people online today, and the growing a fan base here can help drive your traffic significantly. To grow a group of people

Find people interested in your niche

Facebook ads is the only way to get targeted fans to your fan page. Run the Facebook ad campaign wisely or hire an external social media management company to run the campaign effectively.

Use Facebook questions smartly

Asking questions on Facebook is not really unique; lots of people make use of their Facebook fan page status up-date as being a source to get insight about what their fans think. Facebook has increased the actual initial ante by having the questions feature on their Facebook platform therefore people will be able to ask not just their very own buddies, rather this enables you to take advantage of the Facebook online community.

By using the questions feature enables your fans to boost the question and even to ask their friends, developing a ripple impact.

Use Facebook to invite people to offline events as well

Setting up an event in Facebook is an effective approach to invite people in addition to keep tabs on RSVPs. Whenever you set up an event, you add the guests listing and also the privacy levels just in case you would like to wide open the event to everybody on the Facebook fan list, you may set the event topublic, that could let your invited guests to ask others for the event and then make the event details accessible for public viewing, or else you could invite all as well as set the event toprivate, which usually limits the event to individuals on the fan list only.

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