How can I remove a mug shot from Google search?

How can I remove a mug shot from Google search?

Removing mug shots from Google is one of the most daunting tasks taken up by online reputation management companies and the most sought after task by individuals who has a criminal past.

When a person is arrested on minor charges and gets his/her mug shots taken it becomes the most embarrassing part of that person’s life if the arresting detail goes online.

Once the mug shots or other compromising pictures go online, the details of the arrest become readily assessable which can cause embarrassment and becomes detrimental if a person is trying to get employment.

Some mug shot sites remove the information free of cost if you provide proof that the charges have been dropped against you, and many other mug shot sites charge a hefty fee from individuals to remove it.

Google is trying its level best to stop the unscrupulous companies who charge hefty fees from posting peoples mug shots by putting up sophisticated algorithms to work so that their pages do not show up in search results. This effort of Google to down grade these sites have helped many innocent people get better sleep, knowing that colleagues, family and children are less likely to see their arrest details.

Frequently people want to forget the whole episode and get on with their life but mug shot sites make remembering difficult for them. These sites access the mug shots, arrest details of a person and post it on their websites, which reaches the first page of search results, and to get it removed they charge hefty fees from the individuals.

Professional online reputation management companies work with the clients and offers them a comprehensive mug shot removal strategy consisting of posting positive contents and images to suppress the mug shots to the last pages of Google search. Their total solution will include creating new articles, posting positive images on a regular basis, improving search terms by creating new keywords, contacting and deleting possible websites and monitoring the web 24/7 for any mention of your name. These companies can eliminate mug shots in a short time and break all links to Google so that the photos are gone for good.

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