Facebook Marketing Manager India

Facebook marketing manager India

Persons aspiring to become Facebook marketing managers must be passionate about social media marketing – particularly fond of Facebook. You should further have the creatively and professionalism required for the job.

As the Facebook marketing manager, you will be responsible for managing and delivering all Facebook media activities for clients as well as internally for your colleagues.

This is an extremely visible role; a successful Facebook manager will “own” the social media and will be directly accountable to client results.
The first of the Facebook marketing manager is to assess the various Facebook marketing processes and strategies. Along with the company stakeholders, he should create and implement the Facebook media strategy framework that will be applied to each client engagement, including your internal social media program. This position is dynamic and calls for whole-time engagement.

As the Facebook marketing manager, you will be responsible for:
• Ultimately managing all aspects of the Facebook marketing strategy you’re your company and your clients.
• Simultaneously focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, SlideShare, etc….
• Implementation of all Facebook media activities (i.e. sharing, engaging, liking, increasing reach, doing the heavy lifting, etc.) for your company and your clients.
• Communicating in a professional and yet appealing voice with each client.
• Creating Facebook media campaigns and calls-to-action that drive target buyers to client sites and generate leads for your company.
• Spending few hours on Facebook every day engaging with your target audiences by sharing content, finding ways to grow Facebook community followership, and improve overall engagement with your company’s Facebook business Pages.
• You must stay ahead of the curve in leveraging Facebook as a professional social media network and as a content hub.
• Identify and understand specific content that is shared by influencers on Facebook.
• Posting several Facebook posts each day and finding new ways to leverage Facebook for professional and business purposes.
• Implementing Facebook SEO tactics aligned with your company’s keyword and SEO strategies.
• Become familiar with various Facebook marketing tools.
• Conduct competitive analysis studies on your competitors, including digital footprint analysis.
• You have to be self-motivated, thirsting for a challenge, and looking to make an immediate impact on Facebook.
• You must be thoroughly entrenched in Facebook culture and understand the fine line of managing a professional, but effective Facebook media presence.
• You have an advanced understanding of web technology and how it supports marketing.
• You must be fond of writing and have strong proofreading capabilities.

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