Facebook Marketing Consultant India

Facebook Marketing Consultant India

Everyone on Facebook seems to claim that he/she is a social media expert. There are no degrees or certifications to establish your proficiency of the social media and hence you can operate on Facebook without a license.

The obvious question is – how do you distinguish yourself from all of the other guys who claim to be ace social gurus?

A Facebook marketing consultant should be prepared for plenty of work posting content and updating. They should be terribly busy with client projects that they haven’t had time for their own stuff. It is said– the cobbler’s son has no shoes.

A Facebook marketing consultant should beagle to show you show a few live examples of Facebook pages he has managed. They should be really unique and stunning.

You might not believe it, but this is where most consultants fail altogether, or they can only show you a couple pages with deplorable traffic. The Catch-22 of a Facebook marketing consultant job is that a big brand isn’t going to let you touch its stuff unless you have experience with other big brands.

If you’re a Facebook marketing consultant, you need rich experience and apprenticing is a faster way to learn than taking on a couple small businesses or start-ups with no fans.

The “promote” or “boost” button, is designed for small businesses owners who need something simpler than choosing targeting options inside Power Editor. If Facebook marketing consultant talks of these buttons, rest assured he is a green horn. If he does not mention Power Editor, discard him straightaway.

You must be able to measure return on your investment on Facebook. If a candidate says it can’t be done or that it’s only about driving fans or engagement, they’re not worth hiring.

You can absolutely measure ROI by looking at referral traffic to your site, collecting emails in Facebook custom tabs (now called apps), measuring coupon redemptions etc.

Let the Facebook marketing consultant know what your business goals are. Talk about metrics that a chief financial officer or business owner should care about. Then theFacebook marketing consultant should be able to figure out how to tie Facebook traffic to these goals.

The Facebook marketing consultant must be able to provide an effective custom audience strategy. Please know that custom audiences are the most powerful feature Facebook has released on the ads side in recent years — even stronger than sponsored stories.

A Facebook marketing consultant should be able successfully run a contest and correctly guide what should be the give away. But remember these contests attract traffic, but not the people who want to buy your product or service. The only appropriate answer for giveaways is to gift your product.

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