Facebook & Digital Marketing for Real Estate| Realtors India

Facebook & Digital Marketing for Real Estate| Realtors India

A recent research study has found that nearly a whopping 80% of realtors are using Facebook to market their properties.

Experts opine that social media has become the wave of the future for real estate advertising,

Realtors use Facebook to promote their listings and to notify other agents and the prospective buyers/sellers about available properties and expected prices.

In the present-day economy, many realtors have embraced the social media world to promote their brand and their listings because it is free, simple and efficient.

Apart from offering cost-effective means of promoting properties, Facebook also offers a plethora of opportunities to grow and cultivate a robust community of prospective buyers and sellers.

Use Facebook to connect with prospective clients. Social media makes it much easier to identify and establish a fast, personal connection with your target audience.

Instead of handing out cards or asking for a phone number or email address —try to remember people’s names so that you can find them on Facebook and connect that way.

This is indeed a softer way to connect — instead of sending them an email from your business address. You can connect on a personal level on Facebook and then invite them to your business page.”

You may even consider developing a separate business page on Facebook that enables you to target your content and your audience more efficiently. To start building your fan base, experts recommend uploading your email database to Facebook once a quarter and inviting everyone to become a fan.

Many realtors still opt to use their personal Facebook account for posts rather than setting up a business page. You may set up a business page on Facebook or just focus on building your personal network.

Some realtors feel that they just do not have time to manage posting in two places, and using one’s personal network works just fine.

According to reports, about 75% of the personal network postings are business-related and include relevant articles, links to blogs posts as well as photos and ads for listings.

Maintain a consistent flow of communication by posting at least three times a week on Facebook. Earlier, a monthly newsletter was sufficient to keep your network updated on your business, but with the advent of social media, you now have the opportunity to stay top-of-mind on an uninterrupted basis.

Try to integrate Facebook into your existing marketing plans. Provide people the facility to follow you on Facebook from your website, think about other ways that you can integrate Facebook into your marketing.

Seriously consider using Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads have become a popular way for realtors to market new properties.

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