Political Advertising Agencies in India

Advertising agencies across the world have grown and diversified over the years. Today advertising agencies specialize in different fields like product marketing, online marketing, celebrity branding and political image-building for parties. Like all other field, politics has also become highly competitive, and Political Advertising Agencies helps the candidate and his party to gain popularity and… Continue reading Political Advertising Agencies in India

How can I remove a mug shot from Google search?

Removing mug shots from Google is one of the most daunting tasks taken up by online reputation management companies and the most sought after task by individuals who has a criminal past. When a person is arrested on minor charges and gets his/her mug shots taken it becomes the most embarrassing part of that person’s… Continue reading How can I remove a mug shot from Google search?

Remove Ripoff Report Page from Google

Businesses and professionals have now realized that if their name is not visible on the first page of search results the users will never get to know about them or their company, which in turn affects their online reputation. This is because 99% of the users when they search for something do not go beyond… Continue reading Remove Ripoff Report Page from Google

Integrated Online PR & Reputation Perception Agency in India

Integrated online PR can be termed as the multichannel marketing campaign implemented consistently across all online and offline platforms. Today businesses having an online presence are finding out new ways to grow their brand awareness and reach out to new customer groups to promote their particular products and services and to improve and maintain their… Continue reading Integrated Online PR & Reputation Perception Agency in India

ORM Service Chennai India

Chennai is the third largest city in India with a highly computer-literate population. Thus, if you own a business in Chennai you must understand the importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM) and ensure that you business consistently has a positive image over the internet. Remember that bad reviews, negative comments, and unflattering testimonials can potentially… Continue reading ORM Service Chennai India

Online Reputation Management Chennai India

Internet is a double-edged sword. It can fetch you enormous benefits and at the same time there are chances that a negative feedback online can suddenly hurt your business. The power of internet has grown like a Frankenstein’s monster, people now search online to gather information about a business or to read a review about… Continue reading Online Reputation Management Chennai India

Chennai ORM Service India

In the present era when internet has become the most frequently used source of information and consumers prefer shopping online, the credibility of your business at Chennai is of paramount importance. Search engines are rampantly used by prospective buyers to ferret out market information. Online reputation has turned out to be the crucial factor to… Continue reading Chennai ORM Service India

Online Reputation Chennai India

It is a fact that most consumers today search for online reviews before making their buying decisions. As a business owner at Chennai, you must ensure that search engines deliver positive results about your business in the initial search result pages. Remember that when prospects encounter negative results about your business at Chennai, they will… Continue reading Online Reputation Chennai India

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Service Chennai, India

In the present age of the internet when most transactions take place online, your Chennai business online reputation is of paramount importance. Remember that your Chennai business has sedulously built its online reputation over the years and it is a huge asset for your business that you can ill-afford to risk. The onus is now… Continue reading Online Reputation Management (ORM) Service Chennai, India

Chennai Online Reputation India

Given the nature of the internet, online reputation management has become critically important for business houses in Chennai as elsewhere. ORM also entails the suppression of negative reviews about your business in Chennai on the internet. Though online reputation management is quite an intimidating process and calls for expertise and investment of time. The reputation… Continue reading Chennai Online Reputation India