Negative Aspects of Social Networking

Social networking has become inevitable in the modern life, with many people using it, to stay in touch and companies using them to market themselves. However, the negative aspects of social media are,

  • Loss of productivity

Individuals who spend a lot of time on social networking lose valuable time that can be devoted in doing something creative and useful.

  • Lack of prioritizing

Checking other’s comments, messages and statuses can result in not focusing on one’s own task, which can lead to poor performance in office.

  • Diminishing Social Skills

Communicating solely with virtual friends can result in people not finding enough time to socialize with people around them.

  • Social Media Overkill

Social media, being viral and possessing the potential of reaching out to millions, instantly carries the risk of being abused. Any negative information or content about anyone or anything can be circulated faster through social networking platforms.

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