3 Tips for Social Media Marketing Online to an International Audience

3 Tips for Social Media Marketing Online to an International Audience

Targeting an audience across multiple countries with different cultures and varying languages, can be truly intimidating. If your enterprise is targeting a global audience and looking to scale your business to other countries across the world, here are three tips for social media marketing to an international audience.

As a first step, segment your international social media audience in a pragmatic manner. Decide which countries and languages you want to target, and set some social media goals for each of these segments. For global marketing, you can opt to segment by geography, language, or a combination of both.  Ponder over whether you can use the localization features of the social networks to segment your audience. In fact, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have the most comprehensive localization features.

  1. It is necessary to provide native translation. Avoid choosing a blog post from your English blog/tweets/Facebook status updates and copy/paste it into Google Translate for another European language. Your content should not look like Google Translated to anyone who speaks the language natively. Instead, seek the services of a translator who is fluent in the language you are creating content for. Besides, do not mix languages on the same blog under the wrong notion this might make your blog global friendly. It is suggested that you recruit guest bloggers from each of the regions you are targeting. They can provide local insights that you cannot provide.
  2. Remember to use high quality images wherever possible. An image will be accurate as it does not entail translation. Psychologically speaking, visuals are appreciated by people all over the world regardless of the nation of their origin. Visuals are also much easier for international audiences to understand – particularly if you are not crafting separate profiles for each region or language.  Reports also reveal that visual content — photos and videos – result in 65% increase in social media engagement. Make sure your visuals are eye-catchy and appropriately portray your brand. It is an excellent practice to include a high-quality image on every web page and blog article you publish for global audiences.

Creating a comprehensive global social media strategy early on will help you effectively overcome all the challenges global social media marketing poses. Remember you will have to organize content for multiple languages, in multiple time zones etc.

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